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Who are we?

We are commissioned by TSDHCT to offer a support planning service to individuals with a Learning Disability/Autism in Torbay.  We enable people to identify their chosen activities to meet their assessed needs within their agreed budget from TSDHCT.  We work with people to help identify appropriate activities or jobs in the local area.


What do we do?

Once a person has been referred to our support planning service we meet with the individual and their family/support network to develop a person centred support plan which identifies how their outcomes are going to be met.  The support plan will include:

•What the person wants to achieve.

•What the person will do to achieve their outcomes.

•Who will support the person.

•How the personal budget will be spent.

•How success will be monitored.

•What free services can be used locally.


Who can be referred to us?

We work with individuals who live in Torbay and have a Learning Disability/Autism and is low/moderate risk.


How will personal budgets be managed?

We can work with individuals to help manage their direct payments.  We will work with individuals to ensure there is enough money in their direct payment to cover the cost of their support plan. We will liaise with Disability Focus to process invoices and ensure all payments are made on time.  Practitioners will need to deem direct payments are suitable before referring to SPACE.


What other services do we offer?

We offer a ‘community events’ group.  Anyone with a Learning Disability/Autism can join our community events group and do not have to be referred for a support plan to be able to join our community events network.

The community events group will organise activities on the evenings/weekends to help reduce social isolation.  The group is free to join, and cost will depend on the activities chosen.





St Edmunds House,

Victoria Park Road,




Mobile: 07572004443

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday, 10 - 4

Saturday, CLOSED

Sunday, CLOSED


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